Complete Chainmail Kit - 20 Weave Tutorial Book, 23,000+ Rings(Over 4 Pounds of rings), Clasps, & Tools

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In this Complete Chainmail Kit, you will be able to learn 20 of the most popular Chainmail weaves, along with plenty of rings(over 23,000) to make each weave. Every individual tutorial picture was made with High Definition 3D graphics to make help make them as clear to visualize as possible. This kit would be great to anyone interested in learning the art of making chainmail or given as a gift to someone that is looking for a fun new hobby. Many of our customers use our chainmail making supplies even to start their own chainmail businesses selling jewelry and apparel, this kit is a great way to get into the art!

-This kit contains 23,000 shiny Bright Aluminum rings in 7 different sizes that total over 4 pounds in weight, a book with instructions to learn 20 chainmail weaves, 2 Bent Nose Pliers, and an assortment of clasps.

-The ring sizes in this kit, all Bright Aluminum:
18SWG 5/32" ID-6oz (1.2MM/18SWG/16AWG - 5/32"/4.0MM ID - AR 3.5)
18SWG 3/16" ID-8oz (1.2MM/18SWG/16AWG - 3/16"/4.8MM ID - AR 4.0)
18SWG 1/4" ID-16oz (1.2MM/18SWG/16AWG - 1/4"/6.4MM ID - AR 5.3)
18SWG 5/16" ID-8oz (1.2MM/18SWG/16AWG - 5/16"/8MM ID - AR 6.6)
16SWG 3/16" ID-3oz (1.6MM/16SWG/14AWG - 3/16"/4.8MM ID - AR 3.0)
16SWG 7/32" ID-8oz (1.6MM/16SWG/14AWG - 7/32"/5.6MM ID - AR 3.5)
16SWG 1/4" ID-16oz (1.6MM/16SWG/14AWG - 1/4"/6.4MM ID - AR 4.0)
Total 65 ounces, and we always put extra in every bag anyways..

- List of Weaves in Tutorial Book:
European 4 in 1, Box Weave, Spiral 4 in 1, Helm Chain, Byzantine, Half Persian 4 in 1, Barrel Weave, King's Mail(European 8 in 2), JPL(Jens Pind Linkage), Sweet Pea, Vipera Berus, Kinged Vipera Berus, Full Persian 6 in 1, Round Mail, Dragonscale, Elf Weave, Orc Weave, Dragonback, Celtic Visions, Candy Cane



  • 5
    All you need to get started

    Posted by Jan on Jul 16th 2024

    Kit includes all you need to get started. Instructions are clear.

  • 5
    Love this!

    Posted by Emma on Jul 7th 2024

    This is my first time trying out chainmail and so far, the kit is great, the book has helped (along with some videos found online and trial and error) and im loving experimenting and figuring out how I can get better. Definitely recommended for total beginners.

  • 5
    Awesome Kit

    Posted by Tristan on Jun 2nd 2024

    This was well worth the price! The kit includes so much useful information and items, especially for an absolute beginner. Taking up chainmail making seemed like such a daunting task but this kit has made things much easier. With the readings and guides included, I feel more confident buying jump rings and knowing what I'm looking for when it comes to size and scale. I am so, so thankful for this kit!

  • 5
    Best Place to Start

    Posted by Courtnie on May 31st 2024

    This kit contains everything you need to start and is easy to follow. Would recommend for anyone looking to start making maile or just wanting to get a lot of rings in various sizes for a good value.

  • 5
    Great Intro Kit

    Posted by Kailen on May 29th 2024

    I’ve had a lot of fun trying out the different weaves, and I appreciate that the kit gives you enough ring sizes that you can try them all! Definitely piqued my interest in the hobby and led me to order more rings. I’d love to see another guidebook from y’all that has more patterns for completed projects!

  • 5
    Fantastic Value

    Posted by Sarah Campbell on May 9th 2024

    I've never attempted to make chainmail before, but the instruction book was clear and suddenly I was doing it for hours on end!

  • 5
    Nice starter kit!

    Posted by Kiki on Apr 15th 2024

    Just became interested in chainmail and picked up this kit. Everything is nicely labelled and it comes with a helpful instructional booklet that introduces different weaves. So far it has been awesome for a beginner!

  • 5
    A way better side hobby

    Posted by Logan Gioello on Mar 31st 2024

    Why do crochet when we can do chain mail. The kit was a perfect set to motivate me to explore the many options before finalizing my decision on what size and style and color I had in mind much more clearer for future orders.

  • 5
    Great kit!

    Posted by Christine Cavalieri on Mar 25th 2024

    I llove the kit so far! I'm completely new to this & I find the instructions are quite clear & easy to understand. There are a plethora of rings & all the bags are clearly labeled. The labels even state which bracelets the rings are used for. The kit was well worth the investment.