Complete Chainmail Kit - 20 Weave Tutorial Book, 23,000+ Rings(Over 4 Pounds of rings), Clasps, & Tools

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In this Complete Chainmail Kit, you will be able to learn 20 of the most popular Chainmail weaves, along with plenty of rings(over 23,000) to make each weave. Every individual tutorial picture was made with High Definition 3D graphics to make help make them as clear to visualize as possible. This kit would be great to anyone interested in learning the art of making chainmail or given as a gift to someone that is looking for a fun new hobby. Many of our customers use our chainmail making supplies even to start their own chainmail businesses selling jewelry and apparel, this kit is a great way to get into the art!

-This kit contains 23,000 shiny Bright Aluminum rings in 7 different sizes that total over 4 pounds in weight, a book with instructions to learn 20 chainmail weaves, 2 Bent Nose Pliers, and an assortment of clasps.

-The ring sizes in this kit, all Bright Aluminum:
18SWG 5/32" ID-6oz (1.2MM/18SWG/16AWG - 5/32"/4.0MM ID - AR 3.5)
18SWG 3/16" ID-8oz (1.2MM/18SWG/16AWG - 3/16"/4.8MM ID - AR 4.0)
18SWG 1/4" ID-16oz (1.2MM/18SWG/16AWG - 1/4"/6.4MM ID - AR 5.3)
18SWG 5/16" ID-8oz (1.2MM/18SWG/16AWG - 5/16"/8MM ID - AR 6.6)
16SWG 3/16" ID-3oz (1.6MM/16SWG/14AWG - 3/16"/4.8MM ID - AR 3.0)
16SWG 7/32" ID-8oz (1.6MM/16SWG/14AWG - 7/32"/5.6MM ID - AR 3.5)
16SWG 1/4" ID-16oz (1.6MM/16SWG/14AWG - 1/4"/6.4MM ID - AR 4.0)
Total 65 ounces, and we always put extra in every bag anyways..

- List of Weaves in Tutorial Book:
European 4 in 1, Box Weave, Spiral 4 in 1, Helm Chain, Byzantine, Half Persian 4 in 1, Barrel Weave, King's Mail(European 8 in 2), JPL(Jens Pind Linkage), Sweet Pea, Vipera Berus, Kinged Vipera Berus, Full Persian 6 in 1, Round Mail, Dragonscale, Elf Weave, Orc Weave, Dragonback, Celtic Visions, Candy Cane



  • 5
    I love Chainmail Joe

    Posted by Brandy Lee on Feb 11th 2024

    This is one is the best, if not the best, chainmail kits you can buy. It gives you so many rings, along with pretty much every size you need to learn and create all the basic weaves. Great price as well. I've bought from Chainmail Joe before, and I'll continue sound so.

  • 5
    Anodized aluminum rings

    Posted by Nancy Sauter on Dec 27th 2023

    Extremely happy with this batch! Cora are vibrant, the stormy grey is what You’d imagine they’d look like.

  • 5
    Best Bulk Kit Ever!

    Posted by Darren on Nov 13th 2023

    I started out with jump ring kit #1 w/pliers and loved it right away. I got the hang of doing chainmail bracelets and wanted MORE, this kit has way more than I could ever use, when I get close to needing more this will be in my shopping cart to re-up my rings. I would totally buy a Bulk multi color & sizes Kit if you had one. Thank You for your services!

  • 5
    Complete Chainmail Kit

    Posted by Cristy Peterson on Sep 29th 2023

    I wrote a bad review on this company and sincerely apologize. Although I did not receive shipping/tracking information on my kit it did arrive as promised. This kit is fantastic! I can't wait to get started. lots of jump rings, instruction book is clear and has great images. Thank you for this great kit!

  • 5
    Superb Kit

    Posted by Quiet Space Arts on Sep 11th 2023

    I received this wonderful kit to get me started in the chainmaille world of fun. Well to be putting it politely I loveeee this kit and the customer service has been top notch all the way through from this kit to more items i needed and to sorting out postage etc. Always attentive is Joe and I do appreciate great customer service like he offers. 5 Stars from me!