Anodized Aluminum Rings

Strong, Shiny, and Lightweight Anodized Aluminum rings for a wide variety of Chainmail Projects. 

They are made of aluminum which is coiled first then anodized before being cut. During the process a microscopic hard porous layer is created on the surface of the metal which is then dyed. Every ring will have an un-anodized area where the cut is made, so when you close them they should appear as a solid color.

Select a Wire Gauge:
14SWG(12AWG) - 2.0MM or 0.079" Wire Diameter
16SWG(14AWG) - 1.6MM or 0.062" Wire Diameter
18SWG(16AWG) - 1.2MM or 0.045" Wire Diameter
20SWG(19AWG) - 0.9MM or 0.035" Wire Diameter

More Sizes and Colors are being added all the time, check back often to see what we've cooked up!