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Chainmail Joe
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Kit 1: Byzantine/Barrel Weave/Vipera Berus

-Unleash your imagination with these Multi-Color/Multi-Weave kits! They will allow you to make a variety of chainmail designs in any color combination you can think of.

-Whether you’re new to the world of chainmail or an experienced “Mailer”, this kit will be a ton of fun for you! Our main goal in making this was to make it easier to learn and experiment in making chainmail your way. With about 4800 rings in at least 10 colors and three chainmail designs, there are thousands of potential color combinations and patterns!

-The colored rings in these kits are Anodized Aluminum, which is a very durable metal finish, that makes your colors last! The rings are all saw cut, so when closed properly, they close flush for a seamless look.  We also include some Bright Aluminum rings to either be used in conjunction with colors, or to practice a weave before doing it in colors.

-The current colors contained in this kit are:

1. Black
2. Silver
3. Gold
4. Red
5. Kelly Green
6. OD Green
7. Blue
8. Cosmic Pink
9. Violet
10. Stormy Gray
11. Orange
12. Turquoise
Bright Aluminum

Total Approximately 4800+ rings, which weigh a half pound(8oz)+

-We also include an assortment of high quality Stainless Steel Ionized Plated Lobster Clasps in Silver, Gold, and Black to match the color combinations you do.

-The dimensions of the rings in this kit are 5/32 inch(4MM) Inside Diameter and roughly 1/4 inch(6.4MM) Outside Diameter.
The wire is 16AWG/18SWG or 1.2MM in Diameter

Aspect Ratio(AR) = 3.5


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    Definitely worth the purchase!

    Posted by Amanda on Aug 18th 2023

    I'd been on the fence about trying chainmaille for a while and this kit was my first little experiment with it. That experiment has since grown into an addictive hobby that is steadily growing into a happy little side hustle. This kit gives you absolutely everything you need to get started, from the tools to the instructions on how to make your first pieces. And those instructions? Are clear, simple and concise and easy enough for someone who's never tried before to pick up and run with. Not to mention the quality of the rings provided is outstanding! And the shipping is incredibly fast, which is a huge bonus. So if you're on the fence about trying chainmaille, take the leap and try it! You won't regret it. I know I certainly haven't.